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Chapter 19 by Centurion030
Chapter 19
Chapter 19: The Mother of all Meltdowns Illustration Artwork by ChiaraCi
Chapter 18 by Centurion030
Chapter 18
Chapter 18: The Deadly Desert Illustration Artwork by ChiaraCi

There it was: The Ultimate Act of Hearting by the Two Who Became One. The massive mountain of energy that was released after the last Evilon had been sucked into the vortex and begot the enormous plasma fireball that had both cleansed and healed The Land of Oz.

The fireball had retraced the steps the vile Evilons had taken, swept up yet another cube of anomalous black fog, and then directed itself at the boundary of the Magic Barrier, shattering it forever.

As they stood in shear amazement, they beheld an enormous boulevard of thick green glass. What was once desert sand had been fused by the extreme heat. Like a highway etched into the desert, it glowed with the sun's rays.

Off in the distance was the impact point, with enormous pillars of glass reaching up like skyscrapers. They too glowed and the rays reflected the light every which way. It was a beautiful, yet sobering reminder of the cost of victory.

Repository for fleshing out ideas on the proposed series.

Book II: Anusha of Oz
Adventures of Jonathan and Betsy, and....(Betsy gets a baby girl!) their adopted Indian (as in India, it's an homage to my fellow Indian co-workers) daughter. Her name is Anusha for "a beautiful morning star!" She turns out to have Aspergers in that she's very, very, very bright and focuses on patterns and ensuring they stay the same-which will come in handy when she saves he parents. Grows up quickly to that of an 8-year old. Tina, from Book I, will be her one intensely close friend. (She is very socially nervous and awkward but one-on-one more comfortable, takes things literally) Adoption and autism/asperger's will be themes. Dual plots: Ix Expedition and Ozma/Dorothy visiting Munchkinland-three kidnapping attempts on Ozma. (All stopped by David-her new security detail-and Trot. Trot and David are married and they work so well as a team.)

Book III: Odyssey in Oz
Adventures of David and Trot on the seas. 
Bio-warfare in Oz!

Book IV: Redemption
Throughout the previous two books, characters were being prepared and Ozma is being changed. The others had to go through their adventures in order for this final quest. Ozma once again faces a challenge for the throne and the Nomes and Phantasims have teamed up. Lurline shows up and comforts Ozma and knows that so many things happened too fast for her to handle at once and that damaged her deep down but because of the events from the first book, beautiful changes have been made-one final one... She is proud of her daughter and lets Dorothy know that she was brought to Oz to be the completed half of Ozma and now the cycle is to be completed and...for this time....Ozma WILL defend her rightful kingdom. 


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